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About CounsellingAbout Counselling

Counselling and other supportive talking therapies are now very much a part of our modern day life.

There is a lot of evidence that counselling can and does help many people find strength within themselves to help them cope or deal with many issues that might be causing them psychological distress.

Counselling can be offered to clients in various different ways or styles. These will depend on the professional training or approach which the counsellor has followed.

I am a counsellor trained in the person centred approach to counselling.

For further information about counselling and different forms of counselling approaches, please see www.itsgoodtotalk.org.uk.

Person-Centred Counselling :

Carl Rogers devised this theory in the 1950s. He wrote more than 16 books and numerous articles about it, so any explanation here is likely to look a little bit brief.

Basically the person centred approach is based on the assumption that a client seeking help with problems they are experiencing can enter into a relationship with a counsellor who is sufficiently accepting and permissive to allow the client to be able to freely express their emotions and feelings.

This can enable the client to come to terms with negative feelings, which might be the cause of emotional problems or distress.

The person centred approach can also help the client to develop their own inner resources to deal with issues.

The objective is for the client to become able to see himself as a person, with the power and freedom to change.

For further information about person centred counselling, please see www.counsellingresource.com.

About Life Coaching

Life coaching or personal coaching has been around for a long time but has become an increasingly popular support for many people in todays demanding and fast pace society.

There are many different definitions of what coaching means but in general terms it is about helping each individual to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enabling them to use those skills and capabilities to the best of their ability.

Life coaching

Life coaching or personal coaching are basically the same.

Life coaching aims to encourage a person's potential instead of inputting aims or knowledge from outside.

Life coaching develops rather than imposes, and reflects rather than directs people.

Effective life coaching or personal coaching is in essence a form of change facilitation - enabling people rather than training them.

Life coaching is both reactive and flexible, facilitating personal transition on an individual basis.

Coaching of this kind makes no assumptions about the individual - it is neither judgmental, prescriptive or instructional.

Personal life coaching therefore seeks to help the other person's understanding of himself or herself.

Life coaching covers personal development. It can be wide ranging and might include career direction and development, management, business start-up or entrepreneurialism, leadership, life skills, personal fulfillment, life-balance, or the acquisition of specific skills or knowledge.

For further information about life coaching, please see www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk